Jul. 27, 2017

TexCrete Redimix - Ready for your job!

We are a multifaceted company with over 30 years of experience in the construction industry. Since founded in 1981, Texcon has shown a high degree of excellence in the workmanship of its construction activities. Over the past three decades, Texcon has aided in the betterment of its local and state communities by providing unmatched proficiency in site work such as, underground utilities, concrete work, earth work, excavation, demolition, stabilization, compaction, site drainage, and paving. Additionally, Texcon is a trusted supplier of materials such as topsoil, select fill, bank sand, gravels,and limestone base to many local companies and individuals.

TexCrete Redi Mix Company mission is to provide its customers exceptional service & value by producing the highest quality product to our customers and delivering them in our community in a safe and timely manner.



Pat Bond, Director

Phone:  979-985-3636