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+++We regret to inform our members but the Planroom is no longer allowing contractors/members to take off electronic prints from our systems on your own drives. We will provide you with a drive to be used here in our office.  All electronic media must be purchased through the staff.  We spend time to process these files and time searching for them. It does cost the BVCA Planroom to do this, therefore we have to share those costs with our members and customers. It is not just a link - there is a lot of work that goes into this process.  Thank you for your understanding. +++

The following services are currently available to all BVCA members:

  • Free Notary Service for members.

  • E-mail or DropBox plans and specifications $10/per project. 

  • Print plans and specifications from or store to electronic format (.pdf or .tif). Copy projects to CD - $10/per CD


Come visit our office at 1722 Broadmoor, Suite 100 in Bryan.

  • 8.5” x 11” color printing @ .35/single sided or  .70/double sided

  • Weekly projects information bulletins and ongoing addenda updates via e-mail or fax. Weekly newsletters go out on Thursday night, please contact us if you haven’t received yours by Friday noon.

  • Up-to-date membership list is online at Membership lists (with contact names, phone numbers and trades listed) are also freely supplied to developers, contractors and architects/engineers. 

  • Plans that we don’t have can be requested.  Please supply us with the architect or engineer’s name and phone number and complete project name.  Let us know about 10 days before bid date to allow for shipping.

  • Comfortable office work/take-off space for you and your associates to work from.

  • State-wide projects available electronically through Virtual Builders Exchange (VBXNet) and

  • Scan, copy, print, enlarge and reduce documents up to 36” x 48”

Print / Copy / Scan Prices

8-1/2"  x 11"

$0.10 per page

24" x 36"

8-1/2"  x 14"

$0.15 per page

30" x 42"

11" x 17"

$0.50 per page

36" x 48"

Scan to file (.tif or .pdf )

$.75/plan sheet

$1.25 per page

$1.85 per page

$3.50 per page

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